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       Over the past several years we have assembled a team that can handle just about every aspect of what it takes to get a property, especially an REO property, in shape and ready for market. We work exclusively for Banks, Lenders, Realtors, and select Investors so we know what to expect and what is expected. Moreover, we understand that a job done properly is important and time is of the essence. So we always return proposals to you within 48 hours and make every effort to begin within 48 hours of written approval.

 Services Provided:

Occupancy checks within 24-hours.   


All locks changed within 24-hours.

Replace missing light bulbs.

Board-ups within 48-hours.

Property documentation, fax, email, photos.

Property condition reports.

Complete house cleanout/ trashout.

Lock boxes, padlocks, hasps.

Pressure washing. 

Pool draining and securing.

Commercial cleanout/ trashout.

Sales Clean.

Tree Trimming.


Debris Removal.

Photo inspection.

Property maintenence.



Cash for keys.

OSHA certified.

Emergency service.

     We constantly monitor and QC check our work. Should any area fail to meet our strict work standards, it will be corrected immediately.  

    Date stamped photography (before / during and after) and if requested video provided for all services performed. Completion reports will be provided for all services.

Licensed and Insured!

  AAA Property Cleanup, LLC
Phone (786) 715-7889

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